Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cafe Balooga

Featured Resto:

Food Sampled:

Tamor Vegan Parollio - thin crust pizza to roll w/ alfaalfa

Monster Balooga Burger - 1/4 kilo of pure beef patty burger with fries

Cookie Monster Mocha Shake

Cafe Latte

  • located at Harbor Point Mall, Subic Bay, Philippines
  • still on a dry run
  • well decorated cabin bar inspired interior
  • food taste good; creative & unusual though not unique
  • hot coffees still need refinement
  • reasonably priced
  • many foreigner followings
  • overall service & dining experience is satisfying

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dong Won Garden

Time:  01:30:00

Flavour:  Korean
Location:  Jupiter St. cor Polaris St., Makati City

Food Ordered:

Spicy Seafood Soup (complimentary of Korean BBQ)

Dulsot Bibim Bab (mixed vegetables, meat & egg in hotpot)

Anchangsal Gui (Grilled Korean BBQ; wrapped in lettuce & chili paste)

Banchan (served with variety of side dishes & sliced watermelon)

Kal Gooksoo (mixed seafood ramen soup)

Dining Experience:

     Taste:  5
     Service:  4
     Ambiance & Cleanliness: 4

*scale of 1 to 5(5 - highest)