Friday, September 14, 2012

Cafe France

Time:  06:30:00

Flavour:  French
Location:  Jupiter St., Makati City

Food Ordered:

Tray Couture

Marguerite - Premiere Club House & Pesto Pasta served with soup, chocolate       
                                   and juice

Pierre - Seafood Clubhouse & Marinara Pasta served with soup, chocolate 
                       and juice

Norwegian Salmon Omelet - served with croissant, jam & butter, coffee

Breakfast Deluxe - platter of ham, bacon & sausage with scrambled egg, bread, jam & butter, fruit platter & premium orange juice 

Brewed Coffee

Orange & Four Seasons Juice

Breads to go

Coffee Bun, Dark Choco Bun, Corned Beef Bun, Pesto Ham & Cheese 

Dining Experience:

     Taste:  3
     Service:  3
     Ambiance & Cleanliness:  4 

*scale of 1 to 5(5-highest)